Arandas Blend

Tostado Coffee Roasters


  • Arandas - Medium Dark Roast Oaxaca, Mexico 10.58 oz. whole bean Roasting notes: Caramel and Almond Fair Trade Rainforest Alliance Organic Processing: Fully washed and sun dried Grade: High grown, shade grown and naturally cultivated by indigenous growers. Altitude: 900-1400 meters
  • TostadosTostados is a specialty small batch coffee roaster company that sources sustainable green beans, farmed in the Sierra Madre mountains of Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico and roasts and packs in SE Portland. ​Tostado's mission is to support indigenous communities through fair trade sourcing and creating awareness about farmer’s hard work, the impressive supply chain and all the people involved behind a great cup of coffee!
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