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The Hangover Tincture

Sweet Honey Farmacy

  • Yes, you did it again. And it is ok. Now do something nice for your liver! This formula, blended by farmer and herbalist Jamie Holub of Sweet Honey Farmacy in Portland, includes Oregon Grape Root, a favorite go-to remedy for hangovers. The alkaloid berberine found in Oregon Grape helps stimulate blood flow to the liver encouraging it’s natural cleansing process. Our livers do most of their work while we sleep, so taking this remedy at night before you go to bed can help your liver detox and help you wake up to a better, brighter day.
  • Sweet Honey FarmacySweet Honey Farmacy is owned and operated by farmer/ homesteader/ herbalist Jaime Holub. On a small farm outside Portland, Oregon is where you can find Jaime living and producing her botanical line. She is a lover of all things small and beautiful, and she keeps her business in the same fashion. All her products are made in small batches with care and attention.
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