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Lemon Menthe Shower Steamer

NHCO Botanical Bodycare

  • Turn your shower into a spa with our invigorating shower steamer, made with a refreshing blend of essential oils and organic menthol crystals. Simply break the tablet in half and place a piece on the floor of your shower, out of direct spray of water. The oils and aroma of the menthol crystals will release as it melts, and carry in the shower steam. Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Certified Organic Menthol Crystals, Essential Oils, Water. This Shower Steamer is made for 2-4 shower uses, do not rub directly onto skin and do not use as a bath bomb.
  • Tender Loving Empire NHCO Botanical Bodycare Nicole Hawthorne has a very personal passion for all natural skincare. After being diagnosed with a hormonal disorder, Nicole was on a mission to make the products she could not find - handcrafted skincare made with only vegan, organic ingredients. NHCO Botanical Bodycare uses only the most effective, natural and certified organic ingredients to create products that do exactly what they were made to do without the use of chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, or animal testing.
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