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Cramps Tincture

Sweet Honey Farmacy

  • It happens to a lot of us - the debilitating days of menstrual cramping that seem to have no end. During these moments we need something that’s going to work but be gentle on our bleeding bodies. This all natural herbal formula includes white willow bark and California poppy to provide quick pain relief for cramps and aches, blended by farmer and herbalist Jamie Holub of Sweet Honey Farmacy. Your uterus will thank you!
  • Sweet Honey FarmacySweet Honey Farmacy is owned and operated by farmer/ homesteader/ herbalist Jaime Holub. On a small farm outside Portland, Oregon is where you can find Jaime living and producing her botanical line. She is a lover of all things small and beautiful, and she keeps her business in the same fashion. All her products are made in small batches with care and attention.
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