Oh Inverted World (20th Anniversary Remaster)

The Shins

  • Deluxe vinyl LP pressing. Oh, Inverted World, the earth-shattering, indie-rock-redefining 2001 debut album by The Shins, is presented here in it's finest form, dressed up all nice for it's 20th birthday. The classic tunes get new life by way of a full remastering job under band leader James Mercer's watchful eye, the art is given a little extra zest via a die-cut jacket and a classy inner sleeve, and the package is rounded off with a big ol' booklet with vintage photos, handwritten lyrics, and more. The music, of course, is obviously essential. Aside from a friendly reminder that this is the album with the smash hit "New Slang," as heard in the hit movie Garden State, we just need to note that the remastering job truly makes this the album James Mercer always wanted it to be. Never quite satisfied with the sonics of the original, Mercer took the 20th anniversary of the album as his opportunity to finally set the (literal!) record straight. And the results sound stellar: great for new fans, and well worth the attention of those already on board!

    Sub Pop (2021)
  • 1 Caring Is Creepy
    2 One By One All Day
    3 Weird Divide
    4 Know Your Onion!
    5 Girl Inform Me
    6 New Slang
    7 The Celibate Life
    8 Girl on the Wing
    9 Your Algebra
    10 Pressed in a Book
    11 The Past and Pending
  • The ShinsE The Shins initially formed as a side project for Albuquerque, New Mexico songwriter James Mercer in 1997. After a decade of grunge, post-grunge, nu-metal, and ultimately garage rock the witty sweet saccharine sounds of jangly guitar rock reminiscent the mid-80’s alternative scene finally came full circle with the advent of The Shins. Starting out as cult icons during the early part of the new millennium, the quartet hit their stride when a few of their tracks made it onto the uber popular Garden State soundtrack. Thanks to the band, the jangly pop sound soon began to appear all over the indie rock scene with the The Shins the undisputed kings of the craft.
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