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Savage Coast

No Kind of Rider

  • Listen to the song "Time is Unkind"

    No Kind of Rider's debut album is a heavy record in many ways; four of the five members lost their fathers during the production of the album and the tragedy shows itself through the moody instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics. But "Savage Coast" also presents an uplifting and hopeful approach to loss.

    RIYL: Phantogram, Twin Shadow, Radiohead, LEISURE, dark pop / vapor soul

  • 1. Intro
    2. Time is Unkind
    3. Distinct
    4. Dark Ice
    5. (Interlude)
    6. Savage Coast
    7. Intermission
    8. Dreams
    9. Old Times
    10. Sophia
    11. Autumn
  • No Kind of Rider No Kind of Rider formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma while the band members were teenagers, and eventually relocated to Portland, Oregon. They effortlessly blend indie rock, shoegaze, r&b, and electronica influences to create a unique, refined, and complex sound.
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