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Simple Syrup 8oz.

Meadowland Syrup



    • Each bottle is 236 ml (8 FL. OZ) of magical goodness! Made with locally harvested and organic ingredients whenever possible. Non-GMO, no artificial colors. ​Once opened, keep refrigerated for optimum freshness.

      Golden Age is a delightful addition to a whiskey cocktail or drizzle into a latte! Made with cardamom, honey, and sea salt.
      Tasting Notes: golden honey, salt breeze, afternoon sun
      Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, roasted cardamom seeds, honey, sea salt, cream of tartar

      Oregon Blackbird is a delightful addition to lemonade or a gin cocktail. Made with fresh marionberries and black peppercorns.
      Tasting Notes: a velvet sky, the first-picked marionberry, intrigue, evening breeze
      Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, Oregon marionberries, black pepper, cream of tartar

      Strawberry Basil is a delightful addition to lemonade or a vodka cocktail. This blend was inspired by summer gardens, climbing fences, and falling asleep in fresh-cut grass.
      Tasting Notes: a first summer strawberry, a warm breeze and fresh basil.
      Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, Oregon strawberries.

      Raspberry Rose is inspired by spring days spent lounging in the garden among wild roses, watching hummingbirds flit about.
      Tasting Notes: soft rose, new love, morning sun, bright raspberries, child-like wonder
      Ingredients: water, pure cane sugar, Oregon raspberries, pink rose, cream of tartar

      Winter Forest gives a wintery flavor to any martini. It turns your hot chocolate into a unique woodland cocoa. Add to club soda for a drink reminiscent of a walk in the crisp air of a snowy forest.
      Tasting Notes: fresh snowfall on a Cascadian forest, the quiet of winter, warming spices
      Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, cranberry, allspice, fresh Oregon pine, cream of tartar

    • Meadowland SyrupsMeadowland Syrups  is a collaboration between Katie and Kathy, based out of Bend, Oregon. Both work together to develop unique and delicious flavors that are deeply inspired by Katie's rural upbringing on the prairie. They hope their simple syrups conjure feelings of joy, wonder, and warm memories of summers past. Katie's roles at Meadowland include development of all branding aspects, package design, web design, and online marketing. Kathy's tasks at Meadowland include production of syrups, operations, fulfillment, and accounting.
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