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Sunbeams & Daydreams Onesie

Brave New People

Onesie Size
  • What is your tiny brave new person daydreaming about? What kind of bright, wonderful human will they become? Daydream with them while they wear this cheerful, sunshiney onesie on all your lovely afternoons together.
  • Tender Loving Empire At Brave New People we believe that kids are resilient, hilarious, creative and brave! This line was inspired by our own children, along with a desire to help all brave, new people grow into strong, amazing adults. Not only do we promise to create the most awesome kids apparel we can muster to outfit your little ones through the seasons, we also promise to give 10% of our profits to child-centered charities! Thanks for helping us make the future brighter for all the brave, new people out there.
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