Artist Collab Series: Sissy Moon

These handmade terra cotta pieces were made in collaboration between TLE and Portland-based ceramicist Sissy Moon. Each part of this collection is functional, playful, and unique, and brings a lightheartedness and positive aesthetic into your space. Each piece is hand carved and glazed, for a traditional yet modern look that will make anywhere feel like home.

The Tender Loving Empire Artist Collab Series was dreamed up at the end of 2017 as the TLE team was considering new ways to empower and engage with our local community of makers. Over many brainstorming sessions, coffee dates, studio visits, and email threads our teams worked together to discuss and decide everything from product choices, packaging materials, color swatches, process videos and more. The result is five curated collections inspired by TLE’s core values, co-designed by Tender Loving Empire and some of our favorite vendors: Upper Metal Class, The Far Woods, Penrose, Sissy Moon and Betsy & Iya. We’re ecstatic to share these products with you over the next several months, which will be available exclusively at Tender Loving Empire shops and at

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Sinda, Owner & Maker

How did you get started?

I’ve been painting with watercolors my whole life, and have worked with a variety of other mediums like stop motion animation
and fiber art. I started working with clay 3 years ago when I attended Oregon College of Art and Craft. My goal was to learn a new medium that I could use to create work that I could sell and start a business with.

Which values do you put forth in your work?

I believe in a chill life that looks good and feels good. Hopefully that shows in my work, and brings some high quality chill to its eventual owners. I make work that comes both from my conscious design choices and physical intuition, a combination that makes me feel very at peace.

Advice for beginners?

Don’t make subpar work! Learn the rules of your medium, practice within those rules, and then decide if you want to break them. Often times people start out by making unusable pottery because it’s fun and it looks different. But is it really that fun to use a cup every day whose handle hurts your hand or whose rim feels like thick cardboard against your mouth?



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