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Volume 1

Magic Sword

Music Format
  • Listen to the song "Sword of Truth"

    The Dark One has once again been freed from his ethereal prison and the mantle of warden falls to The Keeper of the Magic Sword. Echoing through the halls of the ages, The Keeper searches for the chosen one, preordained to return the Dark One to his chains. The forces of evil gain ground and the battle for the fate of the universe becomes increasingly desperate. As the lives of the innocent are pushed toward the brink of destruction, their cries come together in a tale lost in time…The tale of the Magic Sword. Comic book illustrated by Shay Plummer.

    TLE-051 (2015)
  • 1. The Beginning
    2. Sword of Truth
    3. The Way Home
    4. Kill Them All
    5. In The Face of Evil
    6. Only Way In
    7. Reflection
    8. Retrogram
    9. Discover
    10. Memories in Shadow
    11. Battlefield
    12. Infinite
    13. Journey’s End
  • Magic Sword Magic Sword The Keeper wears a mask to protect the identity of those he loves. Along with his minion, he produces retro-futuristic electronic music on stages across the world in an ongoing attempt to keep the Dark One at bay. The Keeper is known for wielding a sword of light during live performances, encouraging fans to bring their own magic sword to aide in the everlasting battle.
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