Parts Dept.


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    Cardioid spent countless hours in the dark studio basement at the Greenhouse in Portland recording the full-length Parts Dept.; a record about love, loss, personal direction, and the constant repetition in our lives.

  • 1. Fingernails
    2. Weave
    3. Amsterdam
    4. The Night
    5. Lanzada
    6. Mann
    7. Groeningen
    8. Chinatown
    9. Calais à Dover
    10. Prickly Parts
    11. Rainbow Road
    12. Duisburg
    13. Tidal
    14. Weaver
    15. Leipzig
  • Cardioid Cardioid has been a concept in Lizzy Ellison's mind for years, although it wasn't fully realized until the summer of 2016. The project is a focus on listening to our own creative selves, removing ego, and allowing what is inside to flourish. Ellison (former singer of Radiation City) formed the band in late 2016 and decided to make it a full-time commitment, playing with friends that share a similar sentiment about their own personal evolution. The project is young, but full of hope and respect for each other's process, allowing the band to exist in a unique moment in time.
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