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7 Things You'll Miss When You Leave Portland for LA

December 13, 2016

Moving to Los Angeles. Seems like everybody's doing it. What's the attraction? Didn't we treat you good? Why leave our idyllic timber wonderland for the siren call of tinsel town?

Andrew SloanFormer Tender Loving Empire designer and visionary Andrew Sloan is one such PDX-expat living in the city of the angels. There, he's pursuing his interest in space exploration through his company Cosma Schema, which provides design and communication services for all aspects of the space industry. Which, yes, is PRETTY DAMN COOL, but he still misses Portland. We asked him to make a list of what he misses most, and here it is.

7 Things You'll Miss When You Leave Portland for Los Angeles


1. Stars. While the stars aren't the best in Portland proper, they're much, much better than 5 mins from downtown LA. Plus it's a cinch to get to better stars in the Portland area if you just drive for 20 mins.

2. Decently paved roads. There are giant chasms and strange bulgy deformations in the pavement here that make biking very difficult without constantly putting your tire in a groove or popping an unintentional wheelie.

3. My boat. There's a pretty noticeable lack of water down here. A stark contrast to Portland, where there's so much water you can literally float boats on it.

4. $1 Olympias. The cheapest beer I've found here is a $3 tall boy but last I checked dollar-Olys are alive and well at The Florida Room.

5. Space. Things are pretty cramped down here—lots of people in small spaces. I miss my big house and big back yard in Portland.

6. Cheap movies + pizza. I didn't take nearly enough advantage of this while living in Portland. It turns out that I want to do this pretty much every night but I'm continually stopped by $19 movies and $11 slices.

7. My TLE fam. Prob closer to number one and def not goin for suck-up points. For real. Working for myself is hard and demanding. I miss having a support group of smart, funny dingleberries around to challenge me and help me solve the hard problems.


Portlandy Stuff

Awwww. We miss Andrew too. Do you have someone you've lost to the lure of... whatever it is that isn't Portland? Send them sweet memories and Portland love with items from our Portlandy Stuff department. They'll be glad you did.

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