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Typhoon – Hunger and Thirst


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CD - $11.99
Vinyl (180 Gram Orange) + Instant Download - $17.99
Instant MP3 Download - $6.99

Typhoon CD Bundle - $29.99 ($5 savings)
A New Kind of House CD, Hunger & Thirst CD, White Lighter CD

Typhoon LP Bundle - $52.99 ($8 savings)
A New Kind of House on Translucent Brown Vinyl, Hunger & Thirst on Orange Vinyl, Common Sentiments 7", White Lighter Gatefold on Black Vinyl
*All LPs include digital download cards.


Kyle Morton sings the first line of Typhoon's Hunger & Thirst, "I've started a new beginning... suspiciously like the old one, only this time, I'm ready", with the bravery and trepidation of someone who is staring down a familiar path, with all its known challenges and potential pitfalls, surrounded by his dearest longtime friends. Fittingly, producer Paul Laxer recorded Hunger & Thirst in Morton and his bandmates' beloved old Victorian rental house. The lease was about to be up; the landlady was about to be back from Korea - all 12 band members knew their time there was limited, that they were crafting an aural snapshot using room mics and dining rooms. That house can be heard all over the record if you're listening for it, spaciously framing Typhoon's lush, well-edited orchestration, its wood floors perfectly warming Morton's empowered, concerned, delicate vocals in a way that any studio environment would be hard-pressed to capture.

These are songs about striving for what you want, then realizing that once you have it, you don't want it anymore; that maybe that elusive "thing" was never really the issue anyway. Morton sings about the searches, in all their permutations, the bruises healed by those important to you, impermanence, joy, and finding peace within the incessant desire that has always been man's burden. He sings with strength and hope about renewal ("Starting Over"), with the entire band in gospel-chorus about confronting and progressing (the .47 second "The Mouth of the Cave") and with brutal honesty about struggling with a lifelong illness ("The Sickness Unto Death"). Everyone has their own unique path to follow, and Hunger & Thirst is a record that should remind us of the preciousness of exploration, the value of those we meet along the way, and the power within that sustains us on our quests.

Third pressing on 180 gram orange vinyl.

This release is available on vinyl, CD, and digitally. Album art by Rick DeLucco.


1. Starting Over (Bad Habits)
2. White Liars
3. CPR - Claws Part 2
4. Ghost Train
5. Body of Love
6. Intermission
7. Happy People
8. Old Haunts, New Cities
9. Mouth of the Cavern
10. Belly of the Cave

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