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Y La Bamba

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images by Ingrid Renan and Sarah Laws


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Pay what you want (MP3)

CD - $6.99
CD Bundle (Lupon + Court The Storm + Oh February) - $17.99

The new album from Portland, Oregon’s Y La Bamba finds lead songstress Luzelena Mendoza at her most captivating. These 6 songs of mexi-influenced folk americana pick up where 2012′s Court The Storm left off. In a sultry cross genre dream accented by lush guitars, lively accordian and expert percussion, Oh February features Y La Bamba’s most immediately listenable songs to date. Produced by The Decemberists’ Chris Funk.



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Pay what you want (MP3)

CD - $6.99
CD Bundle (Lupon + Court The Storm + Oh February) - $17.99
LP Bundle (Lupon + Court The Storm) - $21.99
Limited Edition Vinyl (details below)- $69.99
Vinyl (180 gram) - $11.99

Y La Bamba's new album Court The Storm creates a multi-ethnic musical landscape that walks a musical tightrope between alt-latino and indie while delivering on the promise of 2010's critically acclaimed Lupon. With the veteran, Grammy winning producer Steve Berlin at the helm, as well as a guest appearance from Neko Case (the band's twice tour mate in 2011), Court The Storm features abilingual songbook as well as the energy of their must-see live shows.

High quality Digi-pack with lyrics and band photo included. Instant digital download included when you order. -$11.99

These beautiful vinyl records were pressed on audiophile grade 180 gram vinyl. They come with a poster of the band and lyrics as well as a digital download. - $16.99

In conjunction with Priceless Music Project, we're offering 75 Super Limited edition laser engraved, hand numbered mahogany vinyl enclosures. These were constructed in Pagosa Springs, CO by the Elusive Woodcrafter Himself: Mr. Matthew Mees and include a 5 color hand silkscreened vinyl jacket, 180 gram vinyl, and a digital download card. $79.99 while they last! Includes instant digital download of Court The Storm -$79.99





1. Squawk
2. Bendito
3. Moral Panic
4. Hughson Boys
5. Como Ratones
6. Idaho's Genius
7. Viuda Encabronada
8. Ponce Pilato
9. Michoacan
10. Dialect of Faith - CD and Digital Only
11. Court the Storm

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Pay what you want (MP3)

CD - $6.99
CD Bundle (Lupon + Court The Storm + Oh February) - $17.99
Digital Bundle (Lupon + Court The Storm + Oh February) - $14.99
LP Bundle (Lupon + Court The Storm) - $21.99
Vinyl (180 gram) - $11.99

With a raw songbook of home recordings under her belt and a new group of musicians to help Mendoza with her musical vision, Y La Bamba began to captivate audiences in Portland and tour stops around the US. Eventually, the quintet would attract the attention of The Decemberists guitarist, Chris Funk, who offered his production skills for the band’s first studio recording. Funk worked tirelessly to capture Y La Bamba’s rustic tones, songs inspired by the traditional tunes of Mendoza’s childhood, and her signature vocals that resemble the sounds spilling out of a 1930’s Victrola. Dubbing the confidently stunning body of songs Lupon (after a nickname that Mendoza’s father despised), Y La Bamba has emerged from the studio, ready to wow listeners everywhere.


1. Monster

2. November

3. Soy Capitan

4. Crocodile Eyes

5. Abducted

6. Juniper

7. Festival of Panic

8. Winter's Skin

9. Fasting in San Francisco

10. Isla de Hierva Buena

11. Memories of a Poor Start

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