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Starving Daughters – Such Buds


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This is old school shit. Starving Daughters was our 2nd musical release way back in 2007. The guys in the band - Chris Tillotson, Chris Holder, Jack Hutchings and Mason (we still don't know his last name) were our friends and it all seemed right. This EP is rock in its finest form, heavy, sludgy yet blazing guitars, ethereal vocals all seemingly coming out of your speakers smelling faintly like booze and weed. Think Dino Jr., Built to Spill, Mudhoney...the real dealz. Our friend Rusty Jordan made the art and we hand silkscreened 500 of them...theres still a few left. Get one. Its historic and epic and will fry your earballs.

Track Listing

1.No Thanks
2.Sorry I Asked
4. Lake of Flames
5. Hopefully My Life Won't Suck