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GoPro Launches Music Effort With The Family Crest At The Helm

April 7th, 2014 ◭ 0 Comments

GoPro announced a special camera package just for musicians. The Family Crest had the chance to try out the mounts and attach GoPros to places they’ve never been attached before. Check out the above video.

Tender Loving Empire Welcomes King Friday

April 4th, 2014 ◭ 0 Comments

King Friday

Discovering King Friday was like finding pirate’s treasure. No, it’s more like looking in your little brother’s closet and seeing that he’s been making sweet little sculptures out of his roaches, potato chip bags and beer cans – for the last 5 years. These guys have been making music pretty much non-stop since high school and they’ve been all but burying it too – all 9 albums worth of it.

Seattle’s The Stranger had this to say – “Unlike a lot of new rock that comes through The Stranger’s portals, this song makes me want to keep hitting play instead of delete.”

We’ll be sequentially releasing every one of King Friday’s awesome records, one at a time, for the next 2 years. The first one, The Aristocrats is out 4/22. Stream the first song via Seattle’s The Stranger below.

Listen to “A Chart Making Work of Staggering Genius” on The Stranger.

The Aristocrats

It Took 400 People To Make This Album Exist

February 25th, 2014 ◭ 0 Comments


The Family Crest is an orchestral-pop collective from San Francisco, with seven core members and an “extended family” of 400 members who have performed on recordings and at live shows. “We always liked making music with people – getting a bunch of people together and singing. So we put ads everywhere,” says frontman Liam McCormick. “We posted on Craigslist and emailed old friends from school.” From that the core emerged, at the urging of the guest musicians, who wanted to hear the songs performed live. “We’ve worked with a lot of conservatory students as well as people who just sing in the shower,” McCormick adds. “It became a lot about giving these people a chance to express themselves without being locked into a commitment.” To learn more about how the band finds and manages their extended family check out this quick bit NPR’s Weekend Edition ran on Sunday.

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Stream ‘Beneath the Brine’ on WNYC

February 19th, 2014 ◭ 0 Comments

The Family Crest

Listen to the full-album stream of Beneath the Brine on WNYC’s Soundcheck 1 week before it’s released. Listen here. Order the album on CD or double gatefold vinyl here.

“A complex and sweeping soundscape that gives every song a sense of cinematic scope as Liam McCormick’s soaring vocals shake the rafters. There’s an undeniable positivity and generosity that pervades both Beneath the Brine and the spirit of the band. By blurring that line between band and audience, The Family Crest seems artistically invigorated, and perhaps has created something special along the way.”

The Family Crest Announce ‘Beneath The Brine’. Available 2/25

January 13th, 2014 ◭ 0 Comments

The Family Crest - Beneath the Brine - Cover Image

We’re very excited to announce the forthcoming release of The Family Crest’s new album, Beneath the Brine. Following on the heels of The Headwinds EP, Beneath the Brine showcases The Family Crest’s ability to infuse pop into complex arrangements. The album is a sweeping soundscape befitting the oceanic theme of the title, and has proven The Family Crest’s belief that anyone can be musical when given the opportunity.

♫ This morning, SPIN premiered “The World” – listen here.

At live shows and in the studio, The Family Crest play with as many musicians as possible. Whenever a fan takes the stage to be part of a group chorus, or contributes an instrumental part to a recording, they are considered a part of “the extended family,” which now boasts over 300 members (the performance credits to Brine stretch over four pages.)

Beneath the Brine will be available everywhere on badass double-gatefold vinyl and compact disc on 2/25. Pre-order here.